& W E L L N E S S   S T U D I O  - Company Message

55 min soothing and relaxing 
Choice of oils used from "Natural Beauty Bar"

55 min Therapeutic massage. May include hot stones, cold stones, cupping, trigger point and therapeutic oils and creams

75 min Full Body Hot Stone Massage
Choice of oils from "Natural Beauty Bar"

Special Treatments

Gift 1
75 min Combination of Hotstone Massage and Facial.  Foot scrub and reflexology. Pampering and Luxurious
 Choice of 45 min massage accompanied by a 30 minute mini facial, with oils, serums and mask blended by "Natural Beauty Bar".

Gift 2
90 min
Same as Gift 1, extended time to 90 min.

60 min Massage/Facial Combination
Basic facial combined with soothing or therapeutic massage

Body scrub with massage
This 60 minute treatment leaves your skin feeling great and your body rejuvenated!

Body wraps & Scrubs

Hydrating Wrap
75 min
Custom blended sugar and spice with pumpkin (vitamin A) and cinnamon ( circulation) and essential oils rich in detoxification .
Body is exfoliated, then wrapped to get maximum benefit. Foot scrub and reflexology, then scalp massage lend to further relaxation. Client is then unwrapped, and massaged with luxurious cream. Wonderful for a holiday gift or treat for yourself!

Hydrating Wrap+ Mini Facial
90 min
Same as above only add mini facial.

Bodyslimming detox wrap

5 Package- $525

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